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Mom's On Mission (M.O.M)

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I'm a mother of two with a love for babies of all shapes, sizes and colors. And, that love is why I created this website.

Did you know that everyday in the United States hundreds of babies die, many of them are premature infants...born too soon and not strong enough to hold on to life. They truly fight for every breath they breathe. And, did you know that when a family can't afford to hire a seamstress to make special clothes for their tiny infant, the baby gets buried in a paper bag? Yes, I said a paper bag...something that millions of us throw in the garbage every day. That is heartbreaking to me.

Myself, and several charity organizations  work every day to change that. Yes, I said we work. But not by going to our governor, legislators, or senators. No, we work by making clothing for those precious angels...and we donate the clothing for FREE to hospitals, families, and in some cases local Funeral Homes. Some of these babies are the size of a small handheld  flashlight, and some are smaller.

You might ask "why do you do it". Well, we do it out of love for the babies and a desire to ease the pain that the loss of a child can be. It is one thing to loose your baby, but it is even more painful for it to be placed in a paper bag. How would you feel if it was your baby in that bag?

And, for the preemies that live, many of them have nothing but a tiny diaper or even taped on gauze pads. The parents see other babies in pretty caps and little shirts and beautiful blankets. But their child is too small for any of that. Well, thanks to people like myself and the charities in my links, that is not true anymore. Those tiny ones now have hats, shirts, booties, and blankets just like the "bigger" babies have. But, this is not cheap for us to do. So, if you own a business that deals with fabric, trims, yarn, etc. Please send anything you cannot use to any of the charities on the right that are accepting items.  Even "scraps" can be used.
If you want to help by sewing, knitting or crocheting you can find patterns in my charity links as well as in the pattern links at the top of the page.
To read about my "Angel Baby" click on Remember November in my navigation bar at the top of the page.  My angel is the inspiration behind what I do.

Gulf Coast Medical Center

Bay Medical Center

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH)

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